Monday, 11 January 2010

Blog Statistics

Another year has gone by and PACS World has been going for 3 years now! I thought it was time to share some more stats with my readers about my blog.

Monthly Visits Dec 2006 – Jan 2010

The monthly visits of pacsworld have increased from about 20 a month to just over 1000 visits a month. Since my blogs inception there have been 18,696 visits.


Operating Systems:

Again windows seems to be ruling the roost, but it has taken a small dip compared to last times statistics.


Browser Statistics
I am glad to see that the browser statistics have changed since my last statistics post.
Firefox seems to have taken over as the browser of choice amongst my readers. (Even though I am a Chrome user!)


Most Popular Content:

Below is a table of the most popular content on my blog since it all began in November 2006.