Monday, 11 January 2010

ClearCanvas Workstation 2.0 Beta

Happy New Year to all out there. I am back from a nice short holiday. I have a new laptop, a nice shiny new Dell Latitude E6500. It has an x64 processor and I am running Windows 7 Pro. I have been going through the motions of getting all my applications installed and I came across a bit of an issue with ClearCanvas 1.5. I kept getting an error when I opened ClearCanvas: “Unable to Query server My Studies: An Error occurred while performing the study root query”. I tried the latest version of ClearCanvas 2.0 Beta, but got the same error message. After going through some of the ClearCanvas forums I found that the issues was due to an incompatibility of the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition I had. So I uninstalled it and re-installed ClearCanvas and it seems to be working fine now.

I have only just begun playing with ClearCanvas 2.0 Beta, but I have already noticed some handy features I am sure a lot of users will enjoy, my favourite new features are:


There is now an MPR feature in ClearCanvas, which appears to work pretty well. This is a feature that many of our radiologists where looking for in viewer software.

imageNew “Open Selection with MPR” button.


Scroll Bars:

There are now scroll bars on the side of series of images. This allows for nice quick scrolling to points of interest as apposed to using the keyboard or mouse wheel to navigate images.