Wednesday, 31 December 2008

PACSWorld 2 Years Old!

It has been a bit slow at work today so I went back in the archives and noticed that my first blog entry was on 13 November 2006! Wow! Its hard to believe that I have been blogging about PACS stuff for so long! I thought this would be a nice time to show you some of the sites stats since those days.

Below is a graph of vists to PACSWorld from January 2007 (When I installed Google Analytics).

pacs world stats.JPG

As you can see there was a big jump in visits near the end of 2007. This was due to the fact that Dr. Dalai added my blog to his favorites on his page. My blog went from getting about 30 visits a month to about an average of 600!

Other Stats (01-01-2007 to 31-12-2008)

  • Visits - 7,823

  • Pageviews - 14,124

  • Pages/Visit - 1.81

Most Popular Post: Conquest Dicom Server Web Interface - Work In Progress (1,291 Views)

Visitor Operation System Statistics


Visitor Browser Statistics

browser stats.JPG

I am rather supprised by the above. I was expecting a lot more people to be use Google Chrome. It is the only browser I use at the moment. It has been ages since I have even opened up Firefox.