Monday, 7 January 2008

K-PACS v1.5

K-PACS version 1.5 has been released recently. It has some interesting improvements.
The new features include the following:

1.) Patient Level View
You can now view all the patients in a single pane as opposed to only having a study level view. This feature works both on the local database as well as on remote databases.

2.) Preview Thumbnails for local studies
The system now shows you a preview thumb of the series in the study. This feature however only appears to work on the local image database and not on remote studies.

3.) Built-in Burn to Disc Feature
K-Pacs now comes with its very own built in CD-Burning utility. It appears to work very well and even includes its own DICOM viewer.
I Did not manage to get the software to recognise the CD/DVD RW Drive of my Dell Latitude D820. So I created a CD project and burnt the files to a disc manually with the bundled software.
Edit: Got the CD Burning feature to work after a re-boot. It works like a dream.

4.) Status Icons
There are now status icons in the bottom right hand side of the K-PACS window which indicate available disk space on the workstation and also the status of the K-PACS server itself.

5.) Measuring and Annotations
Some new measuring and annotations have been added to the system as well.

I think this is a good step forward for K-PACS, but there is still quite a long way for them to go before they can compete with the likes of Osirix.
You can get your copy of K-PACS from