Thursday, 3 January 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 2

I recently downloaded the latest beta version of Mozilla Firefox 3 (Beta 2) and I am quite impressed. There is very little difference in the overall appearance of the browser, but some nice tweaks in performance and other enhancements make the experience a very pleasant one.

The highlights for me are:
1.) Smaller memory foot-print
It could just be because a lot of my extensions aren't loaded because they are not compatible yet with the latest version of Firefox, but I have noticed that the browser consumes considerably less memory than version 2.

2.) The bookmark star
There is now a cool little bookmark star in the the address bar that allows you to quickly add the current url to your book-marks folder quickly and easily.

3.) URL History
When you click on the drop down in the address bar or start typing in the address bar a new auto-complete pups out which shows more information than previously. It will also search within URL's or titles of pages that you have recently used. This makes it much easier to find sites you have already visited.

All in all I think this version of Firefox is a good step forward. It is not a revolution, but it will keep Internet Explorer at bay.
You can get the Mozilla Firefox Beta 2 here.
Please note that this is a beta version and it only intended for testing purposes.