Monday, 5 January 2009

Google Chrome on Linux

I thought I would give Google Chrome a go on Ubuntu Linux. This is what happened ...

Google Chromium is the open source project for Google Chrome. You can find it here:


There are build instructions on the following page for Ubuntu:

I thought this was taking too long so I Googled around a bit and found the following link that has a link to download a .deb file:

This download is only about 34MB in total and seemed a lot easier than compiling from source.

wget.png Screenshot of wget command

dpkg2.JPG Screenshot of dpkg command

I got it up and running, but I must admit it is not very stable. I managed to crash it several times in the first couple of minutes!

I also found it to be incredibly slow on my Virtual Machine, it was actually almost impossible to use, but it may be better on a dedicated computer.

Hopefully an official release is available soon, but until then give it a try.