Sunday, 9 November 2008

Conquest Flex Dicom viewer update

I am still in the process of making a new dicom web viewer system for
Conquest. I have made some progress and feel like I have a decent
system in the making.

There are still some bugs in the system still that are causing me some
sleepless nights. Most of the problems revolve around the fact the
adobe flex controls only seem to initialise after they are displayed.
I am using a tab control which displays the worklist and viewer on
seperate tabs and therefore you need to flip between tabs when the
application loads to get it to work correctly. This also affects the
logging system for logging debugging information. Hopefully I can find
a work around for this soon. Edit: Solved the problem: All you need to do is set the CreationPolicy to all for the Application. i.e. mx:Application xmlns:mx="" creationPolicy="all" ... 

One of the other problems I have come across is to do with cini loops.
I have written some functions that pre-loads the images into the
browsers local cache and then when looping through the images opens a
smaller subset of images into the application on the fly. The problem
is that this process can sometimes consume a large amount of memory on
the users computer (sometimes up to 500MB). I have decided to try and
get around this by allowing the user to reduce the size of the working
set if images in order to reduce the amount of memory consumed.

Then the other final tweeks that need to be finalized are around image
manipulation. I have written functions to increase and decrease
brightness and contrast seperatly, but I still need to figure out how
to apply both to the image at the same time as well as how to handle
these filters when the image is inverted.

I will try and take some screenshots of the system next week and post
them. The system is almost ready for use with static images like CR,
by for things like CT and MR there is still lots of work to be done.

(Posted from iPhone)