Friday, 1 August 2008

First Look: ClearCanvas Workstation 1.2

I downloaded and installed the new version of ClearCanvas Workstation 1.2 this morning. It looks very similar to the old interface, but there are some hidden jewels.

The new features listed on the ClearCanvas Website review:

  1. Clipboard
    The clipboard is a very nice touch to the system. It gives you a sidebar that allows you to place images there for exporting. I really like this feature.
  2. Export to Image and Video
    You can now wxport images to JPG and Video formats from ClearCanvas using the clipboard. This is a really handy feature for when you want to email images to someone.
  3. Thumbnails
    The thumbnails feature adds a bar at the top of the screen that allows you to view thumbnails of all the series in the study. This is also another critical feature that the ClearCanvas team have put it. It just adds that much more class to the system.
  4. Study Anonymization
    There is now a nice little button on the "My Studies" screen that allows you to anonomize a study. This is again another handy feature for when doctors whish to display images in talks etc.
  5. JPEG and JPEG2000 support
    YEA! I can finally open JPEG encoded DICOM images. The downside is that you can recieve them via the network yet. You have to open them on your local machine. This however will be added in the next version according to thier website. (I can't wait!)

All in all I think the guys from ClearCanvas have done it again! They have managed to make thier system more functional and added a touch of class to the opensource PACS workstation world. Congrats guys! Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next version!