Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Conquest Server Modality Worklist

I recently found out that Conquest Dicom server has a modality work list feature built in and decided to give it a test.

I tried using the built in HL7 interface that uses dgate.exe to load a text file into the system, but I found that a little too erratic. I eventually used an ODBC data connector to connect to our RIS database and run queries and then used the MySQL .Net data connector to write information directly to the Conquest Dicom servers worklist table.

The application connects to our RIS about every 2 minutes and pulls out all the patients for the day and dumps them into the worklist table on the conquest server.

Once this was done it was pretty simple to setup the modalities to query the worklist.
I am still testing the system, but it could potentially save our radiographers a lot of time and prevent inconsistent entering of patient data.

Now all I need to do is find a General Purpose Worklist and we will have a mini PACS environment without having purchased any software!