Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Clove 2 Glove

Here is another interesting input device that could potentially change the face of computer communications and maybe even the way Radiologists interact with PACS workstations. This "keyboard glove" connects to a computer with Bluetooth and allows a user to input into the computer using hand gestures. There are about 30 gestures that one can make to represent different keystrokes. The system looks a little clumbsy as you have to physically touch different locations on your hand to provide input. Its not quite the same as the user input of the "Minority Report" but its still pretty imagintive and worth a mention.

Unless this technology is vastly improved I doubt we will see Radiologists waving thier hands in the air with funny looking gloves any time soon.

I found this clip on Gizmodo. (One of my favorite gadget sites)