Thursday, 29 May 2008

Conquest Server Fix

We had a problem with one of our Conquest Dicom servers. The problem seemed to stem from Windows causing some file corruption. The servers disk was extreamly full, because we had not setup the cleanup disk functionality. At the end of the day the disk was un-bootable and we where sitting with 1.8TB of CT, Mammo and MRI scans on this RAID array.

I installed another 40GB HDD in the machine and installed Windows XP on it. When trying to open the 1.8TB RAID disk in Windows Explorer I recieved an error. To fix this I ran CHKDSK and waited. Check disk took some time, but managed to repair the file tree and the disk information was visible once again.

I am now in the process of doing a single device regen. This process seems to be taking a very long time, but the nice thing now is that the new installation of conquest I am using with MySQL. I prefer using mysql becuase of the GUI tools that come with it. As you can see from the screenshot I can monitor the health of the system and I have been watching how mysql is performing about 30 SQL queries a second!

From this experience I would recomend to anyone out there to make sure that they install thier operating system on a physically seperate disk from thier DICOM data. An aditional 40-80GB hard drive is not a major cost, but it can save you some major headaches in future.