Thursday, 22 May 2008

Conquest Server Digging in the Bin

I found an interesting quirk of Conquest Dicom server today while doing some house keeping. I deleted some images in the image directory and decided to re-initialise the database. I suddely noticed that Conquest was shuffeling through the recycle bin and pulling out all the images I had just deleted! (See image)

This seems to happen when you have the data directory (MAGDevice0=D:\) of Conquest Dicom Server set as the root of a drive. (In this instance D:\) to rectify the problem I created a new folder called DICOMDATA and pointed conquest to that directory to store its images. (MAGDevice0=D:\DICOMDATA\)

I would reccomend that you do not use the root of a disk as the place to store your Dicom images. Rather create a seperate folder in that directory for image storage. I have not verified that this happens on all operating systems yet, but the system I am testing this on is Windows Vista Business Edition 64bit, with MySQL as a DB Server.