Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Conquest Dicom Server on Windows Vista 64bit

OK after a huge battle, we finally have our 2.8TB disk installed and running. Just to let you know all the various options that we tried check this list out:
System Configuration:
  • 4 x 1TB Hard Disk Drives in RAID5 Array (2.8TB) for DICOM data
  • 1 x 180GB Hard Drive for operating system an applications
The things we tried:
  • Windows XP - XP Can't see a partition bigger than 1.8 TB
  • Windows Vista 32bit - Vista 32bit automatically partitions the drive into 2 partions. There is no option to make a single large partition greater than about 2TB.
  • Ubuntu Linux - I could not get the tools on Ubuntu to recognise the RAID array correctly. It could only get it to see about 700GB. If the disk was working I was going to use samba to share the disk and mount it as a network drive on the existing server.
  • Windows Vista 64bit - Works like a dream.
Conquest Dicom Server installed fine on the 64bit version of Windows Vista. I actually used the same process as describe in my previous post on how to install Conquest Dicom Server on Windows Vista with MySQL Community Edition.