Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Kodak TWV Problem

Today I found an interesting error with our Kodak panorex machines software. I received some complaints from a doctor who we send digital panorex images to. Basically he could not open the .pano files we sent him with the Kodak TWV.exe viewer software.

After many headaches and playing around we came to the conclusion that there seems to be a bug in the viewer software. It would appear that every time you save an image in the Kodak file format and the file name ends in an "a" the application crashes when trying to open the image. I have noticed that this happens with the *.pano and *.ceph images created from our digital panorex machine. So if you are having troubles opening images please just right click on them and rename them so that they don't end in an "a".

I have mailed Kodak in this regard and I will post any responses I receive from them.