Friday, 7 August 2009

ClearCanvas Workstation 1.5 First Impressions

I have just downloaded and installed ClearCanvas Workstation 1.5. I installed the plain viewer (without the RIS client for now).

The thing that jump out at me at first are the following:

New Viewer Tools

image  Survey / Explode – Allows you to quickly switch between viewing a single image and multiple images.

image  Key Images – Allows you to view and create key images.

image  Magnification- Brings up a square magnifier block.

image  Show / Hide Overlays – Allows you to choose what information you wish to be displayed on the image.

image  Draw Shutter – Allows you to do software shuttering. Allows for Square, Round & Polygon shutters!

New Options

Service Management: You can now start and stop the clearcanvas services straight from the workstation GUI.

Default Servers: Not quite sure what this does yet.

Disk Space Manager: This seems like a nice utility for managing disk space for the dicom images.



It looks to me as though the ClearCanvas developers have once again put in a lot of effort and created some new very useful tools for the ClearCanvas Workstation. I think the addition of key images will be greatly appreciated by radiologists! I am going to install a trail on one of our departments and see how they feel about the changes.