Thursday, 4 September 2008

Conquest 1.4.14 released

The newwest version of Conquest Dicom Server has been released. (Version 1.4.14)

From Conquest Website:
"New features: improved web pages and scripting, bug fixes; flexible import/export converters; Number of Study Related Instance queryable etc. [Version 1.4.13: SqLite driver, jpeg and mysql driver in one package, auto setup database, delayed forwarders and prefetchers, more scripting commands, WEB viewer for IE, configure V2/DCM, configuration of deletion order, bug fixes. [Version 1.4.12c: Bug fixes, import converter, converter scripting, extensions to flexible filenamesyntax], [Version 1.4.12: better database performance, better control of forwarding, important bug fixes], [Version 1.4.11: K-Pacs viewer, native MySql driver, worklist fix, virtualserver fix, flexible filenamesyntax, WEBReadOnly, Fix forwarder retry logic], [version 1.4.10: Virtual server, Optional more debug info], [version 149a: GUI crash fix], [version 149: Modality Worklist, Linux and Web interface (fixes), faster retrieve, fixes in delete and nightly move, retry failed forwards, more JPEG fixes, built-in JPEG/RLE decompressor, downsize compressor, AE with ~xx sets compression, split/merge series, multiple UID query]"
I will install and have a review ready as soon as time permits. In the meantime download and play!