Thursday, 31 January 2008

Conquest Server - Almost 1.8TB!

We have a conquest DICOM server that we use as an archive to backup CT, Mammo and some MR cases on. This server has been running for a while now and today I noticed that our 1.8 TB (Terabyte, i.e. +/- 1800 GB) disk has only 17% free. Okay so this is sill around about 200 GB, but typically windows starts giving you problems when there is less than 12% free space on your disk, so I am going to monitor the situation and report any findings here.

I have the sneaking suspicion that the server will take a big performance hit once we pass that critical level. I am also concerned because this server is one of the earlier installations and it is running off the old built-in dbaseIII driver.

It is interesting to note that the start-up times for this built-in dbaseIII driver is very slow as noted in the conquest dicom server documentation:

"Server startup time for huge archives may be long due to in-memory
index creation (about 1 minute per 1000.000 images). During indexing the
server is read-only and only shows indexed images."

I have noticed this slow down. It takes a very long time for the server to start up due to the indexing of the large amount of images. I would also like to attempt a database migration in the near future for this particular server which could be quite an interesting.
Hopefully I will be able to attempt these experiments and report back.