Friday, 10 August 2007

Playing with Conquest Server

I have been playing with Conquest Server for a couple of days for a temporary site that will be used in a TeleRadiology type of setup. Effectively what is gonig to happen is we are getting a new Agfa NX CR System and this will automatically send images to the conquest server for storage, the conquest server will then automatically forward the images to another branches Centricity workstation. Doctors on the remote site will access the local conquest server with K-PACS and they will have a patient list of the available patients studies for the day which I have developed using PHP.

The setup for auto forwarding from the Conquest server is actually pretty easy and can be done as follows:

Add the following code to the end of the DICOM.INI file found in the root of your conquest server installation directory.
# Setup conquest server to forward all images received to a single modality and
# compress the images with JPEG Lossless compression.
ForwardAssociationLevel = *
ForwardAssociationCloseDelay = 5
ForwardAssociationRefreshDelay = 3600
ExportConverters = 2
ExportConverter0 = forward to wks1
You then need to define the wks1 variable in the known dicom providers list in the server GUI tool. You can replace wks1 with the AE Title of the device you want to forward to.

wks1 104 j2
wks is the AE Title of the device you wish to forward to.
next is the IP address of the modality you wish to send to.
Then the dicom port set on the modality.
and finlayy j2 says that you wish to send the images in jpeg lossless format.