Sunday, 3 June 2007

Microsoft Surface, the future is now!

Microsoft Recently Launched Surface on their website:
This is an awesome new interface technology that could revolutionise the way we interact with computers in the future (Should the technology become cheap enough).

The Microsoft Surface system is effectively a coffee table size device that allows for user input and display on the surface of the table. the revolutionary part of the system is the fact that it can interact with devices placed upon the surface. For instance if you place a wi-fi enabled mobile device on the surface the photos on the device instantly "explode" onto the surface where they can be manipulated by hand. The system is not revolutionary in its technologies as the majority of them already exist, but the application of all of them working together has lead to a revolutionary system. Microsoft Surface makes use of touch-screen, projection, wireless and other technologies all working together to create a more intuitive user experience that will bridge the gap in usability.

The possibility for Radiology using this interface is as yet undiscovered, but I would like to speculate that as with the Wii controler interface for CT input, this technology will also be adopted in an experimental way allowing for more rich interaction with the medical images.

I believe that one day it will be possible for the Radiologist to navigate images with more natural intuitive hand motions on a flat surface rather than with the traditional keyboard and mouse interface using such technologies as Microsoft Surface.