Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Say NO to RAID0

RAID0 provides no data redundancy but merely stripes information across multiple physical disks making them into one larger logical disk.
Let me explain why NOT to use RAID0! Raid-0 provides NO data redundancy, therefore there is very little point other than improving system read/write transactions on a disk. I have just had one disk fail in a RAID0 array and all the data on my other disks in the array is now also lost! I am in the lengthy process of trying to restore our server to some form of functionality. We are already 4 hours into the battle! RAID-0 is not a solution one should use for data redundancy! Never, ever ever ever ever get RAID-0 if you value your data or you don't have a sufficient backup strategy that is tried and tested. Our backup strategy is useless because it relies on the software that we do not currently have the correct installation disk on hand and we can't restore it without this disc! so wish us luck and pray that we get this thing up and running, because it may not be a PACS server, but it has all the accounting data on it, so its even more important!