Thursday, 1 February 2007

Office 2007 Beta Dropped the Bomb

This morning started out badly! I woke up late for work and through the haze of sleep in my eyes I just managed to get to work on time through morning traffic. Now my usual morning routine is wakeup, coffee, goto work, coffee, plug-in laptop, coffee and check my email. This morning however when I opened my copy of Office 2007 Beta it gave me a wonderful message saying it had expired. (Yipee!) So now I can only open files, I can't send mail or edit documents! So in a frantic attempt to carry on with work I un-installed Office 2007 Beta and re-installed my copy of Office 2003. Obviously I would not be able to open the .docx files, etc. So I downloaded the format conversion pack from the Microsoft website. The patch did not work and I have no access to the files I have created over the past couple of months. All my PACS research and documentation is now sitting on my machine in a useless format until I get my hands on a 2007 licence. Microsoft has caught me unaware and now I am at their mercy.